Arm Your Friends — A Texas Based Training Company

Arm Your Friends — A Texas Based Training Company

this article was originally published on April 4th, 2022.


Arm Your Friends is a Texas-based Training Company that also makes streetwear. Controversial, we know. Recently, there’s been some honest confusion about what our mission is and how we run things but also some people that understand what we do but want us to do it their way.

Our mission statement has not changed much since we started. We are a training company that provides firearms training, self-defense education, medical response classes, and a community for women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other underserved communities as all as anyone that wants to help others. Since we’re in the making new friends game, we’re going to keep reminding y’all of exactly who we are and give you some updates about where we’re going.

First, new merch. Minimalist with a new logo. We’ve brought all of our merch production in-house so each item is now pressed by hand at HQ with much faster turnaround times.

Second, we’re rebuilding our training operation from scratch around a new technology platform that will make it easier for students to get in contact with their instructor directly. The goal of this is to make training friendlier to people that might not know their way around the training community and need a tool that feels familiar and usable to get to class. This website was built from scratch so it will not be perfect on day one but we already have pages of updates that we are planning to release on a bi-weekly basis. If you have any web expertise, please hit us up at

Last, we’re focusing most of our efforts on Texas for the next few months as we test our platform and learn how best to bring our mission to the whole country. Texas is already a whole country so the lessons we’ll be learning here will help us everywhere. We will still be supporting all of our instructors in Georgia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

We’re still learning. Arm Your Friends turns two this summer and despite challenges, we’re still here and we’re still pushing ahead and hungry for opportunities to serve our students and to seed those students back to their communities as competent and safe shooters. If you haven’t met us yet, we hope we will meet you soon.

Everything goes live on April 6th. Training Platform. New Drop. New Classes. Stay Tuned.

Be safe. Have fun. Don’t die. Arm Your Friends.



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