Keep Your Enemies Close

Keep Your Enemies Close

Keeping Your Enemies Close

We live in a golden age of open source intelligence. If you care about the safety of yourself and your community, there is not reason for you not to understand in great detail what your enemies think, believe, and how they operate. 

Last week, we saw another target mass shooting of innocent people in Colorado where a coward attacked unarmed people who he thought would have no chance of fighting back. He was wrong. 

We know how they operate. The disaffected 'Lone wolf' mass shooters that have been radicalized by the internet, finding the softest possible targets to make a symbol out of them. 

From the Emanuel AME Church massacre in Charleston to the Tree of Life Synagogue and from Columbine to Club Q, they are always on the prowl for weakness. 

Now is not the time to retreat and stop studying. You should be vigilant. Watch how they're operating on social media, study their forums, listen to how they talk, and be familiar with the rhetoric that they actively use.

Nothing keeps us safe for sure but we're all safer when stand together and keep our enemies close. 

About The Drop

This drop is heavily inspired by our second drop from March 2021 - 'Show Me Your Enemies'. Show Me Your Enemies continued our re-imagination of the story of Medusa, a Medusa that was armed and ready to defend herself from a blood thirsty Perseus.

In the designs for this drop, the art work depicts Medusa shaking hands with Perseus while bringing more firepower to the table, and a Medusa returning from a successful hunt with Perseus' head as her prize. 

When danger is unavoidable, be prepared and out class your opponents. When it comes to self-defense, nothing is off the table. Be ready to defend yourself, change the narrative, and survive to tell your own story. 

Product Descriptions

"The Handshake" Tees are printed on our standard material blanks in Red/White and Green/Black and the "Tombstone" shirts are printed on Premium Heavy Cotton in Army Green and Black. The Hoodies are lightweight INDY4000 blanks in Olive and Black.

Pre-Order Closes on December 2nd. These items will not be re-stocked. 

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