People are looking to you to set the example. What are you going to show them?


You have more power than you'll ever know. Each choice you make brings your friends, community, and family closer to making the same choices that you've made. 


You can live your life hiding your true self. You can worry that if people know the real you, what you really do for fun, who you really love, or what you really think about the world -- that they won't like you. Or even worse, they'll want to be just like you and then you'll be forced to lead. 


We're all leaders. 


What type of gun owner do you want to be? 

What type of athlete do you want to be?

What type of competitor do you want to be?


The choice is yours: Burn the Bridge or Carry the Torch? Either way, you will be Lighting the Way for others to follow. 

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