this article was originally published on July 5th, 2022


Good news and bad news.

The good news is that you were right about everything: evil is real, your enemies grow stronger by the day, and the people that are supposed to ‘handle it’ fell asleep at the wheel.

The bad news is that the good news sucks.

Your options are to work harder and train harder but you can always quit. No one would blame you for quitting.

The cards are stacked against you and your chances of succeeding in making a difference aren’t great.

So why keep training?

We’re building a community for the people that have nowhere else to go.

That’s why we chose Pegasus as the symbol for this drop. If you know mythology, Pegasus was created when Medusa was beheaded by Perseus and her blood hit the ocean. From senselessness comes purpose, life, and inspiration.

The fight is not over, it’s not even close.

There’s someone more vulnerable than you. There’s someone weaker than you that needs you. There’s someone that’s counting on you to win. If people are counting on you to win and no one’s coming to save you then you have to try.

When you decide that you’re gonna have to keep trying, we’ll be here. We’ll have your back.




In other news, life is good. The training website keeps improving, we’re working with a few instructors across Texas to put some things together, and all of our focus is going to advancing the training operation and dropping kick-ass merch.

Shirts will be $30. Crop Tees are $25. Totes will be $25.

The merch pays for the website development and infrastructure costs and the better our infrastructure gets, the closer we get to being able to coordinate more training across the country. Thank you to all of the developers, designers, artists, and engineers that have reached out so far. If you know tech and want to help, hit us up at

Until next time. Have fun, don’t die.


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