The West Is Still Wild

The West Is Still Wild

this article was originally published on August 18th. 2022. 


“Why doesn’t everyone just turn in their guns, we don’t live in the wild west anymore.” That question that gets asked all the time by journalists and bloggers in the news, blogs, podcasts, protests, and countless conversations when people ask us why we do what we do or why we train at all.

Whether you like it or not, The West is Still Wild.

Do you feel safe? Do you look at the world, your country, government, and institutions and think that you’re willing to bet your life that their main job is to protect you and keep your family from harm? Does this feel like a civilized place or does it feel like a place that acts civilized for now?

The history of this country has been a long string of horrendous things happening to people that were unable to defend themselves while the survivors write the history about it.

When you think about the history of the Wild West, don’t just think about train robbers and stagecoaches. Think about the people that lived here peacefully until people with more guns arrived and decided to take everything from them. That’s what made the West Wild.

From Wounded Knee to Tuskegee. The Underground Railroad to The Japanese Internment Camps of the 1940s. Across hundreds of years, one thing hasn’t changed: the place you live is civilized until the exact moment that it isn’t.


This collection pays homage to the idea that history isn’t over and that the wild nature of the world that we live in is not a thing of the past. We train today and build skills while we can because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

‘Still Wild’ Uni-Sex Tees will be $20. Crop Tees will be $25. Lone Rider Unisex Tees will be $30. Snake in my Boots Tees will $40. Friends Cap will be $30.

Stay Armed. Stay Wild. Arm Your Friends.

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