What is Arm Your Friends?

Arm Your Friends is civilian firearms and medical training company that provides classes across Texas and is growing across the United States.





Self-Defense is a Human Right that Belong to Everyone.

We believe that everyone has the right to self-defense and it is our mission to make self-defense training and community more accessible to law-abiding people of all walks of life, persuasions, identities, orientations, beliefs, and backgrounds.  


Strong Communities are what make People Safer.

Our mission is to make people safer and to provide education, training opportunities, and support to people that want to make their communities safer.


To Focus on the Fundamentals.

Our primary focus is to create training opportunities for the next generation of young shooters, first-time gun owners, and non-traditional firearm owners. By focusing on the fundamentals, we aim to create confidence in our students to pursue advanced and specialized training from other reputable training groups.