RETURN - Release 01

RETURN - Release 01

In 2020, Arm Your Friends was created with a singular mission: to create a sanctuary for individuals often overlooked in the dialogue surrounding firearms and self-defense. Our vision was clear - to establish a community where learning, connection, and personal pursuit within the realm of shooting were not only encouraged but celebrated.

Our foundation was built on inclusivity, aiming to dismantle barriers and foster an environment where anyone, regardless of their background or experience level, could explore their interests in shooting. From casual range visits to competitive shooting, from team work and tactics to stop the bleed and basic emergency medicine, Arm Your Friends has always strived to broaden the horizons of the shooting world to include all who wish to be a part of it.

In chasing that vision, a lot of mistakes were made. We grew faster than we were able to keep up with or had the resources for and we focused more on growth for the sake of growth instead of building stronger communities. Despite those mistakes, the real mistake would be not learning from them, talking about them, and using those lessons to do more good. 

Our refined focus is Houston, Texas. We started here and we want to build based around our city's unique culture and people. We learned a lot from our national efforts but we now know local impact is most profound. While our mission becomes more Houston-centric, the inclusive spirit of Arm Your Friends remains, we're committed to uniting people through shooting and we're thankful for the massive support that's shaped our journey.

Here's our message and challenge to you: Build you community in the way that your community needs to be built. If you're in Maine, arm your friends in Maine. If you're in Atlanta, arm your friends in Atlanta. Go outside. Focus on building offline and less on what you see on the internet. 

Stay Dangerous. Medusa Lives On. Arm Your Friends. 


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